Freely we have received, so freely we give

Our Community Outreach

CHURCH ON THE BEACH is a once a month outreach in which Kauai Bible Church serves and gives back to the community. We provide and give away food and clothing, including sleeping bags, bikes, toys, entire shopping carts full of groceries and many other practical household items. Medical services, each month are offered and some awesome coffee with pastries are presented before the event begins . It ends with free hot lunch served to everyone. 

“Freely we have received, so freely we give” -- our motto! 

Our location may vary from month to month.

SALT POND BEACH PARK is the location for our November 19, 2017 outreach.

Note: You MUST be registered to participate in the giveaway.

For more information, please contact us at (808) 742-7514 or email us at   

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We are given the greatest gift the world has ever known - the love, grace and mercy of God, which is His son, Jesus. And by not cost at all, but by the very cost of life by our Saviour, we are forgiven and free forever. Having freely received, we freely give!

If you have been blessed by and want to bless the ministries of Kauai Bible Church, you may do so by either mailing us your donation or donate through PayPal by clicking on the link below.

If you have any questions/concerns, please contact the administration at our office (808) 742-7514.

THE GODLY LOVE TO GIVE!! - Proverbs 21:26 (NLT)